Artist Statement


From the delicate butterfly to the humpback whale, the depth and variety of the natural world is nothing short of astonishing. Every hour spent in observation seems to bring new discoveries and appreciation for the world we share. My hope is that with the images I present, I help in some small way bring awareness to the incredible beauty of the natural world and is doing so instill a desire to protect what remains.


Canada is my home and I have been lucky enough to visit almost every province. We are truly blessed to live in such a great country. From the tide pools of Tofino to the bogs of Newfoundland I have found so many magical places from coast to coast. Visits outside of Canada, opened my eyes to the mystery of distant locations. Tuscany, Rome, Jamaica, Mexico, Florida all had so many things to offer a wanderlust photographer.


For me, a day long paddle into the heart of Algonquin is my definition of perfection. Here in the quiet, something primal starts to surface. Gone are the televisions, cell phones, computers, shopping malls and minutiae that make up the average day. What remains are rocks, water, a distant loon, the swish of the paddle and the occasional click of the shutter. I am home.


My photographic journey started when I was about sixteen. I purchased a Minolta x700 camera with money I made from a summer time painting business. That camera stayed by my side for many years. In my twenties, a home built darkroom became my playground and there, I learned the craft of black and white printing as well as the basics of colour. My Architectural studies at Carleton, not only improved my photographic technique but fostered a love of line, colour and texture.

With the move to digital, I was worried that it might change the way I approached photography. However, for me, the only significant change was the reduced cost. To be honest, even today, I still photograph like I am using film. I have never considered myself to be a fast photographer; often I am in the woods for many hours and return with less than a dozen images. Many times I have setup my tripod, worked out a shot, looked in the view finder and then decided the scene is not worthy of the click and so I move on to try again.

I am a life learner; I would think if I added up all the college, university and private courses I have taken over the years, I mostly likely have a photographic degree of some kind. Learning excites me and I seek out new opportunities constantly.

To date, I have photographed perhaps a dozen weddings, hundreds of babies, hundreds of family portraits, dogs, birthday parties, houses, cakes, soap, gift baskets and so much more. However one subject can be found on my camera almost any time and it is what drives me forward constantly.

The natural world; the land, the wildlife and the water are my photographic muses. If happiness and contentment can truly be found, it must be in these natural places. With camera in hand, my goal is to capture some of that magic, so that it can be retained and then shared. In doing so, perhaps others will do the same, or at least start to appreciate what remains and take action to preserve and protect this amazing home that we all share.